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[community profile] melodiesoflife Fourth Wall Plot Info

July: Sora was probably confused upon his arrival and particularly concerned about not being able to summon his Keyblade (nvm his Keyblade is his sword for Red Mage, oops), but he would have adjusted relatively quickly upon learning about the situation. After all, he's no stranger to waking up in strange places and being told that the fate of the world is on his shoulders - this is just another world that needs his help, as far as he was concerned. He probably spent most of his time getting used to the situation, exploring Aqures Tosf, mingling with people, and getting used to using jobs instead of his Keyblade and normal magic.

August: He would have been involved in the battle doing his best to help, though of course he ultimately had to go through the portal with everyone else. There isn't much to note here - he would have explored and tried to help figure things out, for the most part.

September: Sora experienced all of the time loops. It would have been incredibly, hilariously frustrating for him. nice foreshadowing, too

October: He would have been VERY eager to go into the Crystal Caves after being stuck in one place for so long. Later in the month he would have helped fend off the ghosts, giving the Ghostbuster a bit of a workout.

November: Sora would have been happy to get out of the caves, though a bit frustrated that they were once again stuck. He obviously would have been involved in the events that followed and driven back to the caves, though I can't say I have many specifics in mind for what he would have been doing.

December: Downside: Annoyingly powerful bosses. Upside: Playing Santa for awhile! Sora would have wanted people to have a happy Christmas despite the situation, and he would've done everything in his power to make that happen - especially for close friends.

January: NO MORE CAVES, THANK THE LIGHT. Again no specifics here, but boy would he have been glad that they were finally getting somewhere!

February: AND HERE WE ARE.